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We’ve made simple to follow instructions on how to form your playgroup. Our online registration form makes it easy to get your playgroup off to a great start!

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Talk to other parents in your area about Productive Playgroup. Form a group of children, up to 6, that are approximately the same age as your child. Collectively determine several days and times that will work for your group.

Designate which house will be the host house for the first month. Houses rotate once per month.

Make sure there is a space in the house that is suitable for a teacher and up to 6 children.

Productive Playgroup will help you coordinate days and times and assign a teacher to your group.

Each playgroup session is 1.5 hours long on the same day each week. Playgroups can meet more than once a week.

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Please fill out the form for each student that is in Productive Playgroup. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!

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