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Our programs are designed with fun in mind! Learn more about our programs that combine academics and social skills with fun activities and projects.



The Preschool Program is designed to help children feel as comfortable as possible with new situations and learn interactive social skills.

A weekly routine is established which includes: Play dough, themed projects, songs, and story time. There is a theme and related project each week. Themes include farm animals, safety, zoos, countries, nutrition, sharing…and much more.

Our teachers provide the table, stools, parachute and projects for each child. The parachute is used like a tarp to contain any mess. 

Each playgroup is 1.5 hours per week.

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience in Childcare & Development



Our science playgroups are very hands-on. Each week the children begin class with play dough activities and then we dive right into our experiments. The scientific method is utilized at an age appropriate level.

Topics Include:

  • weather
  • rocks
  • chemistry
  • solar systems
  • the human body
  • plants

Your child will be able to make predictions, see reactions and talk about their findings. During the class, children will learn to communicate and work together through problem solving.

Our Groups Are Purpose Built For Your Child’s Growth & Education



By using our phonics placemat and songs, we teach the children to be excited about their letters. Each week the teacher will concentrate on one letter and finish with a project that begins with the same letter.

Each child will have his or her own workbook and will bring home papers from that workbook. As they finish the workbook, we will move into the next more advanced workbook. There will be a small fee for each workbook.

Each reading group will work on recognizing capital and lowercase letters, writing names and numbers and progress into learning to combine phonic sounds. Once the children have recognized all letters and sounds, we will begin to teach them sight words and three letter words.

The Reading program has been very successful in teaching children how to read before kindergarten.


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