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Fall and spring playgroups are here! I will be working on the schedules for the summer and please understand that these can be challenging. Please fill out the form below to get started!


Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 Playgroups

September 3rd, 2024 – May 23rd, 2025

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I do take into consideration miles between classes, ages of kids and the location. I always attempt to keep teachers in one location for the day to allow them enough time to get to their next class. I am also trying to have groups do 3:00-4:30 as my teachers need to get home to their families. I will also attach a sheet that explains how the teachers will be taking COVID seriously and what will be changing with groups. This year I know there are several groups that have also asked about school age children being in a group. I am working out details to see if Productive Playgroup can have a teacher for school age children. I can not promise anything but will be working on seeing how many groups there could potentially be. Please send in a “group form” as I will need to see the level of interest. I will need to hire another teacher that can do school age children.

Productive Playgroup Dates for Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 (Please Mark Calendars)

September 3rd, 2024 – May 23rd, 2025

We will have NO playgroup (Please Mark Calendars)

  • November 27th-29th | Thanksgiving Break
  • December 21st-January 5th | Winter Break
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Please help by filling out 3-4 times. It can be very difficult sometimes to schedules so the more spots I have to work with the easier it is to fulfill the needs. I won’t have a lot of 3:00 spots so if you can do earlier that is also extremely helpful. Please fill out 1 sheet per group and please list everyone who will be doing the playgroup.

I am so excited each and every family will be doing Productive Playgroup. We are always looking for more families to be part of Productive playgroup. If you happen to know friends that would like to be part of Productive Playgroup, we would be grateful if you spread the word!

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